Repairs & Maintenance
  • chevron_rightHow do I report maintenance issues?
    First, check the "Which repairs are the homeowners' responsibility and which are the HOA's?" FAQ to ensure that the issue is something the HOA is responsible for. If that is the case, simply go to the home page of the website and click on the Maintenance Requests box. Input your issue into the ticket, providing as much detail as possible including the unit number and/or the exact location of the issue. This will open a ticket with the HOA office, and we will update your ticket with an estimated time frame, and the steps that are being taken to resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved, the ticket will be closed. You can check on the status of the ticket at any time by logging onto the website and looking at your submitted tickets in Maintenance Requests.
  • chevron_rightWhich repairs are the homeowners' responsibility and which are the HOA's?
    Homeowners are responsible for the interior of their home, often referred to as "walls in". Plumbing, electricity, window damage, screened in porches (including the screens), cracked tiles, etc are all the responsibility of the homeowner. The HOA is responsible for the exteriors including roofs, brick/siding, stairs and landings, etc and all common areas including the grounds and the amenities. 
  • chevron_rightWho is responsible for damage to a unit caused by another unit?
    The homeowner of the unit which caused the damage is responsible for the repairs to the unit to which damage was incurred. Often referred to as a "neighbor-to-neighbor issue", the HOA is not responsible for making these types of repairs.
    The best, fastest and easiest method of resolution for this kind of issue is to simply talk to your neighbors. Knock on their door, talk with them and exchange insurance information if applicable. 
  • chevron_rightHow can I store my RV/trailer in the Horizon RV/trailer parking area?
    RVs and trailers can be stored in the Horizon RV/trailer storage area with prior authorization from the HOA Board and/or management team. To register for authorization, please send a picture of the vehicle, the VIN, the tag #, and your contact info to: hoa@horizoncondosmeadowbrook.com
    **PLEASE NOTE: All unauthorized vehicles are subject to tow without notice at the owner's expense
  • chevron_rightHow/why are fines assessed?
    Fines begin at $250 plus the cost of any clean-up, and then increase by $250 increments for any subsequent violations. So, for example, if the first offense is $250, the second would be $500, the third would be $750, etc. Fines are meant to dissuade people from committing violations that violate the Covenants and detract from the beauty and enjoyment of the neighborhood for all residents. 
  • chevron_rightWhen will the gym be open?
    Now! The Board has recently purchased commercial grade cardio equipment including a treadmill and two elliptical machines. They are looking at additional options for strength equipment to be added, but in the meantime, the gym is open! The gym has been expanded, new floors have been installed, and it's been repainted. For homeowners interested in obtaining a gym key, please sign the Liability Waiver (click here for a copy of the waiver), and contact John at jpswalter@gmail.com. For renters, please contact your unit owner, and ask them to contact John to authorize you to have a key.
  • chevron_rightWhen will the pool be open?
    The pool and pool deck were aging which necessitated an major overhaul. Updates to the pool included resurfacing and a remodel of the pump system while updates to the decking include structural repairs which are a time consuming and labor intensive process. The Board is working with contractors to have the pool up and running as soon as possible. Once we have a firm re-opening date we will send an email blast to everyone. In the meantime, for safety reasons, please do NOT go near the pool area. It has been temporarily fenced off for everyone's safety.